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Adit Gupta

Co-Founder​ & CEO

Currently Pursuing PhD in Computer Science. Forbes Under 30 Scholar. Past experiences from Fortune 50

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Grant Cooper

Head Editor

Entrepreneur, Designer, Photographer & Strategist. Studying at Drexel

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Mason Cohen

Co-Founder​ & President

Notable Experience in Sales and Management. Studying Entrepreneurship at Drexel University

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Zach Plotkin

Innovation Catalyst

Driven by Passion and Optimism. Studying Entrepreneurship at Drexel

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Nico Cohen

Co-Founder​ & CMO

Social media whiz who started his first venture at age 7. Experienced in brand creation and marketing

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Mekael Duclos

Marketing Specialist

Professional Video Editing and Content Creation. Studying Marketing at Drexel University

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Tom Falzani

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer 

Studying Graphic Design at Drexel University, Past experience at Comcast NBCUniversal

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Victoria Mortensen

Software Engineer

Software Engineer Major at Drexel. Experienced in Frontend and Backend development.

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David D'Apice

Software Engineer

Hardware Designer. Full Stack Developer and Computer Engineer

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Daniel Schwartz

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Researcher and Computer Science Major at Drexel

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Asia Valentine

Front End Developer

Graduated from Drexel University, in Management Information Systems

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Vineet Mehta

Software Tester

Software Engineer Major at Drexel. Experienced Cloud Engineer for Oracle.

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Quang Luong

Software Engineer

Computer Science Major at Drexel. Self-driven creator and programmer.

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Joseph Scherreik

Software Engineer

Computer Science Major at Drexel. Experienced

Web Developer

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Mars Shah

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Venture Capital. 

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VyB Advisors

Philana Benton

Technical Product Specialist at Facebook

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Harvey Hoffman

Career Founder, Partner and Principle in several Ventures

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Ben Fileccia

Hospitality Industry Expert, PRLA Director of Operations

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Amy Cambell

Program Director at Drexel University

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Matt Canning

Senior Director, Customer Experience at Comcast

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Richard Corl

Former CEO, Investor, Consultant & Special Advisor

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VyB's Affiliations

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