Team Work Makes The Dream Work | Team Bonding

A good team is what will make-or-break your company.

Setting The Stage

Being part of a young startup, setting the foundation of a fun and enjoyable, yet hardworking and passionate, company culture is crucial to the success of the company. Why? Because a solid team is the most important factor in the prosperity of a startup, and the company culture dictates the strength of the team.

The three pillars of strong company culture are open communication, an atmosphere of hard work and a fun environment.

Open Communication

Creating an environment of open communication has a lot to do with transparency and trust. The team can never feel comfortable sharing their opinions or feel like they are being left out of the loop by others. To always have a comfortable environment, ideas can never be shut down without being considered first, no matter how crazy they are, haha. To keep a transparent environment, everyone on the team, especially the ones in charge, must always try to be open about everything. This includes people's opinions, company decisions, company strategy and goals. There must be mutual respect between everyone to hear others and also to be heard by your team.

Hard Work

To breed hard work, you must always lead by example. You cannot expect someone to listen to you about working hard when you do not work hard yourself. As someone driving the momentum of VyB, the pressure of having the team look to me is something that motivates me to always be pushing harder and harder. While working hard is necessary to set a good example for your teammates, if you are never accomplishing your goals, then it may seem like you are underachieving, which is no good! To avoid this, I have been trying to implement the saying “Under Promise and Over Achieve”, something one of my mentors told me. Maintaining this logic, you will never disappoint anyone and will always be reliable.

Fun Environment

My favorite part of creating a great company culture is keeping it FUN! To keep everyone in a good mood at all times, you must do enjoyable things. This includes taking breaks from meetings to read funny riddles, play card games, play social group games, bring surprise snacks to the office, taking the team to cool events, bringing the team on fun trips to the Philadelphia Zoo and so many more things. It is best to look for things that everyone can comfortably participate in, but do not be afraid to lightly push boundaries, because this could lead to a stronger connection with the team/company.

The most amazing part about building a healthy company culture is that you DO NOT need money to do it. Most things are created with simple hard work and other things can be obtained with strategic connections and loopholes. I suggest to anyone who wants to start their company the right way, or maybe work on the culture that you have already created, is to truly value the wants and needs of their team, because the better off everyone is individually, the better the entire team will be.

Here are some fun team pics from the past few months :)

I hope you enjoyed getting to know how the VyB Team works for, and thank you for keeping up with VyB!!!

Written by VyB Co-Founder &President, Mason Cohen

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