COVID-19 and it's Affects on Philly's Hospitality Industry

As the world is gaining more information about this deadly virus, many states are taking matters into their own hands. One of these states is Pennsylvania, and the hospitality industry is taking a massive hit. Philadelphia has one of the most diverse and bustling hospitality industries of any city in America. And as one might assume, the entire city has been affected by the precautions taken by the state during this time of uncertainty. All restaurants and businesses that require the gathering of people have been shut down except for takeout and delivery services.

Millions of dollars in wages, rent, inventory, insurance money, equipment leasing, and advertising have been completely wasted. Many people have lost their jobs in every industry, but especially in the food industry of Philadelphia.

As a community, there is not much we can do right now, but we can support these businesses immediately after everything is back to 'normal'. Please try your best to go out to all of your favorite establishments when it's safe again. Many of them have been completely customer-less for weeks now because people do not want to gather or maybe they can not offer delivery. And if you are capable and/or willing to take the risk, many restaurants are still utilizing their delivery and pickup business models for people that still want to eat from their favorite restaurants.

About a week before everything was forced to close in-house dining, my family and I went to one of our favorite pizza shops in Philly. This particular restaurant is quite large and has many seats, but nobody was there except for my family and one other couple. Keep in mind, this was during prime dinner time. I had never seen the place so empty even during off-hours, but people seemed to know how serious the coronavirus is.

I am especially thankful for not contracting the virus, as I had not taken the virus seriously until about two weeks ago. I was living my normal life, eating out often, going out with friends, etc. It was not until my parents sat me down to have a serious conversation explaining the severity of this pandemic.

Since then, I've been "quarantined" and practicing social distancing any time that it's necessary I go outside. I urge you to do the same and try your best to remain sensitive during these difficult times. Many people's lives are being flipped entirely upside down, and if that's the case for you I wish you the best of luck.

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