A Strong Company Culture Guarantees your Success as a Team

Your idea will change over time. There’s no way you can come up with the perfect plan from the beginning, and neither should you. People evolve and hopefully, your business will do that as well. However, there’s one thing you have to establish from the very beginning if you want your startup to be successful - and that’s the company culture.

Why think about the Company Culture?

Think of the company culture as being the personality of your business. You probably wouldn’t be friends with someone who doesn’t care about others, so why would you work for a company that is selfish and greedy? A company’s culture is all about the behavior of the people working for it, so lead by example and get your team excited for their work.

If you are not yet sure why a company’s culture is important, here’s are two main reasons:

(1) It attracts talent and makes people stay

The secret for a successful company is to have a talented team that’s passionate and enthusiastic about the product they are working on. Very smart and talented people get bored amazingly fast if you don’t find a way to keep them motivated. There’s one easy way to motivate people to stay in your team – make them believe in your vision! Talk about what long-term goals you have for your company and make them see what’s their contribution to that future. Great success requires lots of teamwork and you should make people understand that everyone has an equally important role in achieving a company’s goal. It all comes back to working towards a common goal.

(2) It builds up your brand

Every company has something to identify themselves with. Your company culture will impact your brand and will be a decisive factor when it comes to inspiring your users. Having a well-defined company culture makes people associate your product with a certain emotion – and what other better way to make an impactful first impression than by inspiring a positive attitude?

Building Your Company’s Culture

Defining your company’s culture it’s actually easier than you can imagine – It all about the way you behave. Think of an enjoyable work environment that makes you productive and try to provide that for your team. The way you are and behave influences the productivity of your team and the whole working atmosphere.

Coming up with your company’s culture shouldn’t be a hard process. Self-reflection is all you need! Think of your core values – the things you truly believe in. You can find your inspiration even in your favorite songs as long as they reflect something you want your team to believe in – check out what Drake has to say about teamwork - “Couse one of us goes in, and we all go through it” ;)

Good Vyb's Only

I was impressed by VyB’s company culture from the first day I met the whole team. Their professionalism and strategy to make the meetings fun and interesting, yet productive, got me hooked on their work style.

When I am thinking of VyB’s company culture, authenticity is a keyword. Our product is built upon the idea of real and verified data, so the people creating VyB are by no exceptions encouraged to fully be themselves all the time. Be real and ask all the hard questions you have. Take the initiative and innovate!

Not being afraid of failure is another important value in the VyB team. You can learn a lot from your failures so VyB in the moment and never miss out of an opportunity just because you are afraid you won’t succeed.

A great team makes a great product! VyB is using their company culture daily to power through the fast-paced Drexel system and will deliver the best product for users. Keep an eye on our launch date!

Written by Anca Scarlat. VyB Technologies, Future Leader.

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