VyB Frequently Asked Questions

What is VyB?

VyB is a real time rating application for social experiences.

What is VyB built on?

VyB is being built on react native and will be available for ios and android.

Who are our competitors? 

VyB's most prominent competitors are Yelp, Google Reviews, Trip Advisor and Four Squared.

What is the problem we are solving?

VyB is solving the problems of fake reviews, the lack of accurate discovery around you and the lack of useful analytics for businesses.

How are reviews verified?

Reviews will be verified in many ways including geolocation, scanners, monetary transactions, etc.

What is the difference? Ratings vs Reviews

Reviews are long, outdated, useless, and fake. Ratings are simple, numerical and extremely easy to comprehend.

How does VyB deal with fake reviews?

VyB takes many layers of measures to prevent any and all fake reviews. Even though these measures prevent almost all fake reviews, VyB still has a team to comb all reviews and detect any suspicious behavior. 

How does VyB benefit your business?

VyB will be providing analytics that will help your business self improve and make the entire customer experience (the number one factor in gaining returning customers) exponentially. 

What analytics will VyB be able to provide?

VyB will be able to provide very in depth analytics using specific moments in time, different demographics of people and using the actual ratings and comments directly from the users.

Is VyB hiring?

VyB always in the search for the best and brightest in the world. If you have a desire to truly make a difference in how people live their lives, apply now.