Adapt to your customer's needs in real-time.

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Learn and Adapt with your Customers

Why VyB?

Closer Customers

Engage with your customers on a deeper level and have the ability to reach out to people that already know your business.

Real-time Analytics

Know everything about your business in the moment. Get in-depth analytics to grow your business like customer recurrence, preferences, and more. 

Trusted Exposure

Get the organic exposure your business deserves on a truly verified platform. Receive the recognition on a platform free of fake reviews.

How VyB Works


Customers are prompted to rate and share while experiencing the vibe.


The community sees real-time vibes and engages with your customers.


Adapt with the real-time insight from your past and current customers.

"With VyB I could learn about my customers like never before."

- Simon Atiya

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